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Our Dogs - DASHKA BLACK DOLL of Crystal Lake

BORN 27 October 2008, black tri, red factored
HD A, ED 0/0, eyes clear
Genetic test for: HSF4 free, CMR1 free, CEA free, PRA free
MDR1 +/-

Eyes: brown. Tail: long

* Champion of Poland
* Junior Champion of Poland
* East & Central Europe Winner 2010

*Companion dog

Breeder: Sylvie Galliaert (France)

Daszka is a compact, very cuddly girl dog. Her size allows to easily jump onto laps of people, something that we make frequent use of. She loves people, dog therapy is her favorite pastime. She will do the agility track, but her real passion is working with children. Daszka has a lot of fur and and a very warm heart for others. Very stable psyche. Lat year she had her first direct contact with sheep; the sheep trainer asked about what lines of working dogs she had in her pedigree… Oh, well, on moving out to the country we will probably have to buy ourselves a herd of sheep ;)

Daszka works as dog therapist through Animals for People Association www.zwierzetaludziom.pl.

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