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About aussie

Australian Shepherds enchanted me by their assiduity, speed of learning, temperament and appearance. They are very open hearted to “their” people and somewhat mistrustful of strangers.
They love working, but are not hyperactive in that sense They are medium in size – big enough not to be trampled over, but compact enough to fit in normal, even quite small size dwellings.

Aussies love children. Our dogs work regularly as dog therapists , which seems to give them much pleasure and joy both to them and to the children cuddling these warm creatures. On weekdays, the aussies play with our own sons :)

Aussies are an ideal breed for dog sports. They compete successfully in agility, obedience, frisbee, flyball or herding.

They look like cute furry teddy bears – but that appearance is just to confuse outsiders. In reality they are very active, untiring, and requiring a lot of tings to do., If we fail to satisfy aussie’s yearning for work, they will tend to by themselves find something to do, not necessarily what we would expect them to do.
Their coats are no problem in grooming, but an aussie owner can take pride of the dense fur on the dog, and on the sofa, on carpets, on the best suits and dinner dresses, just everywhere.

In our kennel we strive to breed dogs that just love working, with good temperament, well balanced disposition, bit not overbearing by their presence. Appearance is important to us – our dogs win at dog shows in Poland and internationally, but do equally well as family pets or competitors in canine sports. Since, as most breeds, Australian Shepherds suffer from hereditary diseases, we make certain that the dogs which we breed are medically certified as free of elbow and hip joints dysplasia and eye diseases.

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