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Our Dogs - Saussurea SIXTH SENSE

BORN 12 May 2009, black tri, red factored
HD A, ED 0/0
CEA clear, PRA clear, eyes clear, HSF4 free by pedigree
Eyes: brown; Tail: NBT

* Champion of Poland
* Champion of Romania
* Junior Champion of Poland
* Junior Club Winner 2010
* Club Winner 2011
* Junior Poland Winner 2010
* Lithuania Winner 2011
* Vilnius Winner 2011
* BOG 1, BOG 4

Breeder: Iwona Musiał

Kri loves jumping, running and sharing affectionate kisses. She is very fast, sometimes even too much so, she does things first, and only thinks about them later. But that is something we are still working on :) She is extremely eager to train in agility.

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