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Puppies - LITTER J

Puppies J born July 07, 2016.

Parents are good show dogs with excelent herding instincts. Dexter is European Winner 2014 in shows and v-ce Polish Winner in herding in IHT3 - highest class. Daszka is stabilly, patient, mentally strong female. She work as Therapy Dog with children with Autism.

We've got two boys and three girls, all with long tails.
Parents are geneticcaly free from CEA, PRA, CMR1. This means that all the puppies will also be free from this diseases. Both parents are free of hip (HD A) and elbow (ED 0/0) dysplasia.

Puppies gallery:

J... Baritus- boy, blue merle [6 images]
J... Baritus - boy, black tricolor[6 images]
JAZZ Baritus - girl, black tricolor[8 images]
J... Baritus - girl, black tricolor[5 images]
JAY-LA Baritus - girl, blue merle[5 images]

Matka: DASZKA (DASHKA BLACK DOLL of Crystal Lake)  Ojciec: DEXTER (BAKSZTAG Baritus) 

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