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Puppies - LITTER K

Puppies born 15 July 2016.

Parents are very good working dogs, with good temperament. Quentin is fantastic utility dog (herding), Zumba won many shows.
Both parents are geneticcally free of HSF4, PRA, CEA so all puppies will be free too. Both parents are free of hip (HD A) and elbow (ED 0/0) dysplasia.

Photo gallery:

KILWATER Baritus- boy, natural bobtail, black bicolor [7 images]
KUK Baritus - boy, long tail, black tricolor[8 images]
KABESTAN Baritus - boy, natural bobtail, black bicolor[7 images]
KLIWER Baritus - boy, natural bobtail, black tricolor[8 images]
KAPITAN Baritus - boy, long tail, blue merle bicolor[7 images]
KODA Baritus - girl, natural bobtail, blue merle tricolor[5 images]

Matka: ZUMBA (DANCE ALL NIGHT Baritus)   Ojciec: QUENTIN  

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